Seeking 100 people to give just $4 in 4 months for graduate study research of the play FEAST: A Yoruba Project!
Feb 04, 2019, 12:00 PM – May 31, 2019, 11:59 PM
Fractured Atlas,
248 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

UPDATE: Campaign Complete!

As of April 22, I've raised $640.23!!!


This project means the WORLD to me! |


  • Why it Matters Personally

Summer of 2018, I was supposed to study abroad in Brazil, but had to cancel the trip to earn money to pay down the costs of an urgent surgery. I kept the dream of studying and creating inBrazil alive. By the end of the summer, I decided to sell my car so I could at least cover transportation to Brazil in 2019! Now that 2019 is here, I have the chance to bring this theatrical piece to Brazil and connect with tremendous artists of Yoruba descent there. I believe it will be an unforgettable memory to share with my future children.


  • Why it Matters Academically

As a graduate theatre student at the University of Louisville, my research interests are spirituality and the aesthetics of Yoruba theatre. Neither of these topics are often studied in theatre and so showcasing FEAST in Brazil allows me to explore the transference of Yoruba spirituality and bodies across the world due to the Transatlantic Slave Trade in a theatrical context. As part of an Independent Study course, I will study the show from 3 points of view - director, producer, and actor - while earning 3 credits towards my Masters’ degree and the Graduate Certificate in African-American Theatre.


  • Why it Matters Professionally

2 main reasons!

  1. My teaching philosophy is based on the fundamental question of “Who are you?” I believe that the understanding of an actor’s own spiritual and cultural heritage makes them better prepared to handle the humanness of another character. Exploring the impact of my own Yoruba heritage through this project will enable me to lead by example for future acting students.

  2. Because of an oversaturated market, more actors in the 21st century are wearing the title of the “Producing Artist”. This means creating content and/or platforms to mount work that champions an actor’s strengths. If I’m successful with FEAST, I hope to continue working as a Producing Artist after graduation while teaching and performing internationally. Another reward would be the ability to produce FEAST in Nigeria (where the Yoruba people originate) and making a profound impact on audiences there as well.


Your support of $4 or more will help fund artists fees and materials for a showcase performance and workshop in Sao Paolo and Salvador, Brazil this May. An estimated budget includes:

$100 for  1 choreographer & 1 co-director

$250 for 4 actors & 1 musician

$100 for costume fabric and props

$200 for local travel

$600 for international travel


Thank you for reading!